Record individual trees within site boundary and provide baseline reference for decision making on tree management.

Tree Inspection

Tree Inventory and Survey


Tree Group Inspection

(Form 1)

Conduct tree risk assessment on tree group (<50 trees) and identify valuable or potential hazardous trees for detailed inspection (Form 2).

Indivdual Tree Risk Assessment (Form 2)

Conduct detailed tree risk assessment of individual tree and recommend appropriate mitigation measures.

Advanced Tree Inspection

Include but not limited to aerial tree inspection, resistography, tomography, detailed root inspection, etc.

Tree Failure Report

Investigate the cause of tree or any tree parts failure and recommend appropriate mitigation measures.

Tree Removal Proposal & Compensatory Planting Proposal 

Comply with the Tree Preservation Clause under lease, written consent from LandsD should be obtained for tree removal and compensatory planting.

Post-inclement Weather Tree Inspection

Undertake urgent tree inspection after inclement weather, e.g. Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above,  to ensure public safety.

Tree Complaint Handling

Help client to handle and follow up complaint from government department or other parties.



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        (852) 6676 6014

        (852) 6676 6014

        (852) 3020 0352

        Room 17, 5th Floor,

        International Plaza,

        No. 20 Sheung Yuet Road,

        Kowloon Bay,

        Kowloon, Hong Kong

Audit / Independent Checking

Consultancy & Audit

Consultancy Service

Provide professional advice on comprehensive tree management and other arboricultural or horticultural issues.

Provide independent third-party audit or review on tree management or other tree care services.

Tree Care Works 

Proper tree care helps promote tree health and reduce risk associated with trees.

  • Tree Removal

  • Pruning

  • Cabling

  • Tree Fertilizing

  • Pesticide and Fungicide Application

  • Tree Transplanting

  • Mulching

Tree Works & Supervision

Tree Work Supervision

To supervise and ensure tree works are properly performed and fulfilled relevant safety and health requirements. 

Talks / Demonstrations


Deliver FREE talks and demonstration on proper tree management and tree care to school and public.


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